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The most successful people get up at this ridiculous hour of the morning

Don’t you feel more virtuous the earlier you’ve gotten up in the morning? Or perhaps you’re just one of the lucky ones who are simply wired that way. Amerisleep surveyed over 1,000 people, both early and late risers, about the perks and quirks of hopping right out of bed, and what motivates (or doesn’t) those of us who hit “snooze.”

Rise and grind: 67% of respondents said they woke up between 4 am and 7 am.

Overall, the wake-up time of early risers was 6 am, by 44%.

Toeing the line: early risers deemed (by a 43% margin) that 7 am was the latest you could get up and still call yourself an early riser.

What makes someone an early riser?

Life experience. It turns out that many are made, not born.

Early mornings: the ultimate productivity hack. When it came to early risers, 61.2% said they were very productive at work, while in comparison, with late risers, only 48.6% said the same.

And the earlier, the better – people who rose at 4 am said they were highly productive at work 71% of the time. (The least productive wake-up time is 11 a.m.).

The time you wake influences what you make

Check out the chart below and do the math yourself: the earlier risers consistently out-earn the late risers.

Again, people who rose at 4 am were the most successful, this time earning the most. What is it with these people? (Recent research says a small number of “advanced sleepers” rise this early naturally.)

What’s your morning routine?

It wouldn’t be a morning without a morning ritual. The most popular morning routines for respondents included:

  • Showering/getting ready: 58%
  • Checking email: 57%
  • Making breakfast: 57%
  • Coffee: 50%
  • Planning the day: 44%
  • Commuting: 42%
  • Reading/watching the news: 36%

On the weekends, the survey found, early birds maintain their discipline, only rarely or occasionally sleeping in. When they do, it’s usually for extreme circumstances, like they stayed up all night the night before (66%) or they were sick (60%).

Other data shows that it pays better (in so many ways) to be an early riser. So you might as well get up already – here are 11 tricks you can try to teach yourself to become a morning person.

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