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Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep At Night

An attendee rests in a bed monitored by the Miku Baby Monitor (mounted above screen) which monitors a baby’s breathing without wearables and sends the information to parents via the Miku app, at CES 2019 consumer electronics show, on January 9, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

The struggle of falling asleep or insomnia is a situation wherein the person’s sleep quickly becomes interrupted for a few nights until a prolonged period. This long-term pattern of difficulty in sleeping may be connected to other health risks like anxiety, depression, headache, arthritis, heart attacks and osteoporosis. Many people in the world suffer from this disorder, and therefore seek help even without knowing the root cause.

Here are some of the surprising yet most common reasons why you can’t readily fall asleep at night:

1. Depression

Severe psychiatric conditions, such as depression, are a potential cause of your insomnia. Undergoing any form of mental struggle may lead you to have a hard time getting proper sleep. Moreover, it can lead to physiological as well as psychiatric issues in the long run. When a person has trouble sleeping, it can be a symptom of depression.

2. Having various allergies

Common allergies like a stuffed nose and itchy eyes will interrupt your comfortability during the night, and may eventually and consistently disturb your sleep. According to studies conducted in the past, at least 59 percent of the people in the world with nasal allergies confront the struggle of not sleeping well. One of the best ways to lessen the irritants is by frequently cleaning and washing the bedding, as well as taking a shower before hitting the sack.

3. Anxiety and stress

Studies show that it is common for adults in this era to have trouble sleeping because of recurrent nervousness regarding some issues in life. However, for others, it has become a pattern that interrupts their daily sleep. The symptoms of anxiety that result in experiencing insomnia include tension, spending the night thinking about recent events, overthinking, spending too much time worrying about things in the future, keeping a general feeling of acceleration and being overwhelmed by too many responsibilities.

It comes as no surprise that the reasons why people cannot sleep at night are triggered by different factors. It is imperative for everyone to be familiar with the various causes of insomnia to gauge future risks.



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