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Salsa comes to the capital with the World Salsa Open and other events.

Salsa is coming to the capital these months. Photo: David and Paulina, flickr

It looks as though Bogotá may be the place to be for salsa this July and August, as the capital channels its caleño side.

Between July 10 and 14, Bogotá will be hosting the 19th annual event of one of the world’s most important salsa competitions, The World Salsa Open. Anyone can sign up, regardless of background or experience, and there are categories ranging from six years old to 50 years old and upwards. If you think you want to give it a go, you can sign up as a solo dancer, duo or part of a group at . Or if like some of us, you don’t want to put anyone through the agony of watching you navigate your two left feet, and would prefer to simply watch the talent, tickets are now available to buy, so get yours quick. The event will take place at Teatro Astor Plaza.

Festival Internacional De La Salsa En Bogota

August 3-4

On the 3rd August, Bogotá is hosting the International Festival of Salsa in the neighbourhood of Chapinero, one of the city’s main cultural hubs. Rather than a competition, this event is more of a concert, with a variety of salsa groups gracing the stage with a live orchestra. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t join in and release your inner salsero/a. In fact, it would probably be frowned upon if you didn’t! You are in Colombia, after all. Some of the artists performing include Choco OrtaChery X and Cuba’s Manolito y su Trabuco. For more information on this event, contact (313) 771 3303 by either calling or sending a message on WhatsApp.

Viva La Salsa

August 3

Join us at the movistar arena to see some of the best salsa musicians during the ‘Viva La Salsa’ event on 3rd August. One of the main performers is Willie Colón, the New York-born Puerto Rican salsa musician and activist. Colón’s instrument is the trombone, although he has worked as a singer, composer, producer and director, and his music fuses traditional Cuban, Puerto Rican and African sounds. He has also collaborated with many other huge names in the industry, such as Celia Cruz and Soledad Bravo. Aside from Colón, other talented performers include Óscar D’León, Rey Ruiz, Tito Rojas and Tito Nieves. Tickets can be purchased from the Movistar Arena website . 


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