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Post-Workout Protein Shakes: Do They Work?

Protein shakes are the usual go-to drink of most gym-goers after a heavy workout, giving their muscles a sure hand for faster recovery while also helping reduce all the pain that comes with it. Protein after all, is what helps our muscles grow strong and firm, while also giving it the necessary nutrients and energy to keep it that way.

Following that however, a recent study has stated quite the opposite, saying that when compared to most high carbohydrate drinks, protein shakes are not effective at all when it comes to giving our muscles the hand it needs to get up and start repairing itself. With that being said, several issues are also present in the study.

Post-Workout Needs

Following a moderately intense workout, muscles can feel sore for as much as 48 hours. Because of this, gym goers usually look for ways to alleviate the pain. One such solution are protein shakes, which not only help reduce soreness, but also help in muscle recovery. Usually, these shakes take protein from whey or milk protein.

A new study however, made by scientists from the University of Lincoln in the United Kingdom, stated that there is no proof behind this.

To come up with this finding, the scientists tested 30 participants to do a range of assessments, which included measuring leg power, upper body strength and even peak torque.

Per their findings, both protein shakes and carbohydrate-based drinks have no effect on soreness and recovery response.

What’s interesting however is that the study has far too few participants to produce reliable conclusions. Furthermore, not everyone uses protein shakes for recovery, since they’re more or less often used to gain muscle mass, as well as improve strength.

Furthermore, the scientists also used no “true control,” given that their findings stated the drinks “ provide significant increases in glycogen replenishment and muscle function recovery.” This means that the drinks might have just produced the same effect.

As a result, it is still not clear whether protein shakes can really help people with recovery and reduced muscle fatigue after a workout session. More research on a larger scale is needed.

Protein Shake
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