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No One Gives a Shit About the Rose Garden Right Now, Melania

This is another “Melania, What Are You Doing?” hit, a song that isn’t a radio single but that the true fans will know by heart.

Amid a global pandemic that has killed 150,000 Americans and is slowing like a train that just started to choo choo over a cliff, 100 days from an election that is the fifth consecutive most important election in our lifetimes, first lady Melania Trump will begin the important work of renovating the Rose Garden to more closely resemble its original 1960s design. 

Finally! This is what we elected her for. 

Some will say that rose gardening to the tune of the apocalypse is yet another gesture that is at best oblivious and at worst passive-aggressively cruel. Others will say that it’s a canny move by a classy lady who embodies tenacity in her public life. They’re both wrong. Melania’s push to apply her Be Best magic to the Rose Garden is perfect. It’s the perfect empty, image-obsessed gesture from a person who is almost certainly not going to perform the actual physical labor of the task, meant to hark back to a bygone era that we now realize had a lot wrong with it. 


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Por/ By: Erin Gloria Ryan

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