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Instagram Is Bad For Your Mental Health

For a large number of users and mental health professionals, the utilization of Instagram has raised several problems, such as its relentless emphasis on promoting unachievable lifestyles. And this reason is making people so miserable these days.

Instagram, which skyrocketed to fame in the previous years, encourages its users to have upbeat, attractive images that other users may find, at best, giving the wrong impression.

Even celebrities like Madonna and Selena Gomez shared the dark side of this social media platform. While Facebook demonstrates how everyone can be tedious and Twitter shows how people have their views on things, then Instagram can impose a sense of worry that everyone who possesses a visually appealing feed can achieve perfection.

For the past years, people have grown accustomed to refreshing a page even if it is not necessary and receiving hundreds of messages, both positive and negative ones. These situations have made Instagram a place where reality is dismissed. It creates a fictionalized world for those who seek the faultless.

Because of this need to construct a flawless version of things in one’s life, the attention given to editing tools has increased. If not with the helping hand of applications that can perform basic tasks like removing blemishes and other unwanted features, Photoshop takes center stage since it helps individuals achieve an unrealistically flawless appearance.

In 2017, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), an independent charity that continually seeks ways to better the lives of people, conducted an extensive survey on 14- to 24-year-olds, asking them about the repercussions of some of the most known social media platforms, including Instagram. As expected, Instagram scored particularly severely for its effects on body image and mental health as a whole.

Continuous scrolling without much interaction with other people in the household can lead to a serious impact on one’s well-being. People who frequently use this platform may develop an unhealthy body image and may cause a heightened feeling of loneliness.

Overall, social media create detachedness, not just from ourselves, but from the rest of the world. It widens the distance between the users and their friends and family in real life.

Audience with cell phones and smartphones recording and live with facebook live, instagram, igtv and snapchat at the PatBo fashion show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week N47 SPFW Summer 2020 at ARCA on April 24, 2019 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mauricio Santana/Getty Images



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