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Disadvantages Of Eating Protein Ice Cream

Protein ice creams are slowly becoming all the rage these days, and all for good reason.

Combining the pleasures of eating the famous frozen dessert with a shot of protein for that added health benefit, it’s essentially made for a more health-conscious world that still knows how to have fun every now and then. Heck, it doesn’t even melt as easily as regular ice cream.

Unlike regular ice cream, it also has a lower calorie count and some varities even add fiber to aid the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and the general feeling of fullness.

With that in mind however, all things in excess are bad, and here are some downsides you can get from eating one to many scoops of protein ice cream:  TOP ARTICLES3/5READ MOREMother’s Extra Weight Makes Children AtRisk Of Cancer

  1. Low in nutrients – While it may have protein, protein ice cream is still ice cream, and that means it’s low in other nutrients. Some may have calcium, but that’s it. Thankfully, this won’t be much of a concern or problem if you’re eating a balanced diet, and the dessert is treated as such.
  2. Can promote overeating – Because it’s marketed as a low calorie ice cream, it’s usually eaten more than regular ice cream. The problem however, is that this can easily lead to overeating and other unhealthy eating habits. Worse, eating it in excess can take the place of eating other foods that have more nutrients and are generally healthier for you.
  3. Can cause some digestive issues – Ice cream, even ones with protein, have some added ingredients that may upset the stomach of people suffering from digestive issues. For example, there are some that add prebiotics, which can stimulate gut bacterial growth and produce side effects like gas. There are also some cases of nausea and stomach rumbling.
  4. Added sugar – Most protein ice cream brands use natural sweeteners or sugar alcohols. However, there are still some that use added sugar. And although this is significantly less than regular ice cream, the small amount can still  add up and cause problems in your body. This includes obesity, diabetes, liver problems and heart disease.

So there you go. Some common protein ice cream disadvantages you can get if you consume it in excess. Protein ice cream is a healthy dessert that has some added benefits, just make sure to always never go overboard.

Source: www.medicaldaily.com

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