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Colombia; my new home.

By: Laura Anne Lobaton

My husband and I moved from the USA eleven years ago. The people of Colombia are lovely. They are very friendly, charming and helpful. They are never rude or hurtful.

I love living in Popayan, Cauca. It is a small colonial town called The White City, full of beautiful churches, surrounded by beautiful green mountains also well known for its Holy Week and colonial history.

Popayan lies a mile high between two cordilleras two hours by car south of Cali the Colombia salsa music capital.

There is a lot of rain, and at night the temperature can drop down to 55◦F. During the day, with sun the temperature can rise above 70◦F.

We have a lovely apartment. The apartment lies just outside the city. We have two balconies that overlook the mountains and an untouched forest. It is a heavenly view.

A few hours away lies an active volcano called Purace. Its peak is snow covered. On your way to Purace are warm mineral springs called Coconucos.

Colombian food is fresh and delicious, Bandeja Paisa and Ajiaco are a few of my favorite dishes. The coffee in Colombia is sublime. Close to our home is a coffee roasting place. In the afternoon we enjoy its delightful aroma. There is a vast variety of desserts made with tropical fruits that are just amazing.

Speaking Spanish can be a challenge even after all these years but I wouldn´t trade it for anything.

I love my friends and neighbors. Popayan is peaceful and calm.

I don´t miss living in the USA. I feel right at home in Colombia. Come and see it for yourself.

Fuente/ Source: PAGINA 100

Por/ By: Laura Anne Lobaton



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